Foreign runners

Skatås ryggar (Skatås ridges) 1 june 2019 is a trail running competition in Skatås about 5 km from Gothenburg city. Foreign runners are very welcome to participate.

The trail running race is held every year in juni in Gothenburg. You will be running in the most famous training area in Sweden, named Skatås. Skatås and Delsjöområdets nature reserve has it’s characteristic ridges that goes from north to south. You will run over up to five of these ridges depending on the course you choose.

Competition center

Placed in Lisebergs Camping Delsjön, Gothenburg Sweden.


Lisebergsbyns Camping Kärralund (about 1km from competition center)

Classes and courses

CourseFee until 31/12Fee until 30/4Fee until 27/5Fee until start
Five ridges (21k)425 SEK475 SEK525 SEK575 SEK
Five ridges (14k)375 SEK425 SEK475 SEK525 SEK
Five ridges (7k)325 SEK375 SEK425 SEK475 SEK
Youth 8 – 16 years125 SEK125 SEK125 SEK125 SEK

Race profile

See the race profile in swedish. Map and elevation should be understandeable


Send an e-mail with your name, gender, club, year of birth, country, start group and the course you want to run to
Or enter at the competition center at least 45 min before start, pay with cash.

If you enter beforehand pay the entry fee to:

IFK Göteborg orientering
Iban-nummer: SE4150000000050191017795

Starting times

Starting groups in four and five ridges.

CourseStarting times
Fyra ryggar (14  km)kl. 11.00, 11.05
Ungdomar 1,3 kmkl. 11.10
Ungdomar 1,8 kmkl. 11.20
Ungdomar en ryggkl. 11.30
Fem ryggar (21 km)kl. 11:45, 11.50
Två ryggar (7 km)kl. 12.10, 12:15